Customer Highlight - Judy Travis from itsjudytime

Customer Highlight - Judy Travis from itsjudytime

Judy Travis is a  beauty and lifestyle expert who loves makeup, fashion and hair. She started a Youtube channel in 2008, itsjudytime, to give first impressions of new beauty products and providing detailed tutorials on makeup looks and hairstyles. 

She also has a daily vlog, itsjudyslife, where she chronicles her family life with her husband Benji Travis and their three daughters. You can connect with Judy on her website:

She is also the inspiration for the Judy's Beauty Studio Light Kits. As her channels expanded she found that she needed to have better lighting in her videos. She says of the kit: "It really, really makes a huge difference in my videos."

You can watch her video below where she discusses the Judy Kits with DveStore President Guy Cochran: 

And here is another video with Benji Travis and Guy Cochran going into more depth about lighting concepts and setup: 

You can checkout and purchase the Judy Kit by clicking the image below:

28th Nov 2015

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