Prismatic Halo Mirror Assembly Instructions

Assembling The Prismatic Halo Half Mirror


Step One: Assembling the Mirror on the Halo



1. Remove the retaining nut by twisting it counter clockwise. Set it aside.

2. On the bottom of the Mirror bracket twist the square headed screw counter clockwise until there is about 1/2" gap as shown in the above illustration.



3. Grab the Mirror bracket and slide the bottom into the cold shoe located on the Halo. Position it in the middle of the cold shoe.

4. Twist the body of the Mirror bracket clockwise until it is tight.





 5. Face the mirror down. Loosen both knobs on the back by twisting counter clockwise until they are reaised a 1/4".

6. Take the 'L' Breacket and insert it underneath the loosened knobs. Tighten the knobs until they are secure.

7. Place the mirror on the mirror bracket that is installed on the Halo.

8. Screw on the retaining nut by twisting clockwise until you can no longer twist it.


Step Two: Installing the camera on the Halo Mirror



1. Grab the Prismatic Mini Ball Head Mount that came with your Halo.

2. Locate the threaded hole on the bottom of your camera.

3. Insert the screw on the Mini Ball Head Mount and twist clock wise to firmly tighten.



 IMPORTANT:The following steps require that you keep a careful grasp of your camera.

4. With the Mini Ball Head Mount installed, turn your camera upside down so the Mount is facing up. Twist the knob counter clockwise to loosen the ball head.

5. Keep a firm grasp of your camera turn it right side up so that the Mini Ball Head Mount is facing down. Place the threaded hole of the Mount on the the screw on top of the Mirror Bracket.

6. While holding your camera in place, twist the body of the Mini Ball Head Mount until it rotates all the way down on the screw. Ensure that it is tight.

7. Keep holding your camera and tighten the knob until you are unable to twist. 


Congratulations! Your mirror is installed.